Raymond Daugherty

#100DaysOfCode – The Beginning

Welcome to my introduction to #100DaysOfCode.

I’ve decided to take this challenge for a plethora of reasons, one of them trying to find a way to use the word “plethora”. Anyway…

The core reason for attempting to conquer this challenge is to better myself. I’ve been a Web Designer / Front-End Developer / Back-End Developer since the late 90’s, when the internet was building into the monster it is today. Back then, my enthusiasm to learn everything possible was endless. Database management? No problem. PHP for 1 client? Sure. ColdFusion for dynamic, database driven sites with tons of capability requests? Bring it on!

But then after so many years, even the most enthusiastic of us seem to start losing the fight with information overload. With so much rattling around in my skull, it’s difficult to learn new languages just due to sheer numbers. PHP, Coldfusion, Javascript, CSS, HTML5, Bootstrap, Ruby on Rails, Angular, NodeJS… so many languages and frameworks that it’s super easy to get the feeling of drowning. But how can you stay up-to-date with current technologies without feeling lost on a raft in the middle of an ocean of information? Add onto that, after 44 years, I’m doing what I can do get the degree I’ve never been able to get.

But I need to stop bouncing around from language to language, falling into the tutorial Hell all of the programmers have experienced before, and just sit down, commit myself and dedicate my time to developing something that I can be proud of.  Competing in today’s world , where it seems that everyone and their mom knows languages that I could only dream of learning, I need to do something to make my experience relevant in the job market. I’m sure I could run circles around new graduates if I can just commit to learning new languages, and get back that thing that used to actually cause joy in my life.

I know I may miss a day here and there, though I’m going to do my absolute best to change the habit of coming home after my web design job and staying as far away from a computer as possible. I’m prepared to do what I can to move forward.

P.S. : Yes, I know I code for a living, but IMO, it’s HTML and my main “job” is graphic design. The coding challenge will help me maintain my roots in coding and even though I could use my job as an excuse to have coded for an hour that day, I promise I won’t. 😉